We are Service answers the phone with a real live person. They are extremely courteous and genuinely want to find the solution to your problem. If it is a true emergency, their team will get right on the problem for you. They really care about your business and finding solutions for you that fit your budget and your timeframe of needing help. Honestly, give them a chance, even for a month and see if you do not experience great customer service and less down time so you can focus on your practice and not your network.


Dr. Tyler Lee Pendergrass Dentist
6020 Belpree Rd Ste C, Amarillo, TX 79106

One of the biggest benefits we found when we changed to We Are Service is HIPAA is less complicated.  We had clarity and a plan so it was not so overwhelming.  We also appreciate that their support line is very friendly, and response time is great. They work hard to find solutions.  They have been able to solve problems that other companies said couldn’t be done. We have had great success with We Are Service.  It is a stress relief to know if we have a problem, they’ll get it taken care of in a timely matter no matter how big or small.

Dr. Patrick Moriarty Dentist
Enhance Dental Care
3514 Clinton Pkwy # G, Lawrence, KS 66047